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Journey to Thrive

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The idea of therapy can be uncomfortable and awkward. I get it.

But aren’t you tired of how things are going right now? That same old hamster wheel of thoughts. That stuckness you’re feeling? I get it! Which is why I approach therapy on a deeper level using unique tools to get the bottom of your struggle.

My Goal is to Take the
Scary Out of Therapy!

Pssst…Guess what? You are WORTH that phone call to me. You are worth taking the uncomfortable look at that baggage you are carrying around. You are worth breaking up with that bully that lives in your head. You are worth being free from the ghosts of your past. You are worth healthy relationships with other people AND with yourself. So, stop putting it off and get started.

My Unique Approach

Whether you’re a therapy veteran or a first-timer, I know how important it is that you understand what you’re getting yourself into. At Ferguson Therapy, I aim to dive deeper into your story so you can achieve long lasting healing.

How? In my sessions, I use a unique tool called Brainspotting, an  approach that allows us to really listen to our emotions and help us understand how they’re connected to our body. Through Brainspotting, you run the show. We’ll explore every thought, emotion, and body sensation because when we follow it, we heal it.

Work with me

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Step 1: Connect

We can chat on a complimentary intro call to see if we are a good fit for each other. Ask me any questions you have about therapy, or how I do therapy!  (I have a unique approach. Ask me about it!) If I’m not the best fit for any reason, I will help you find the provider that is.

Step 2: Deep Dive

We’ll create a plan for your healing journey during our first session. We typically start out by soothing those emotions that seem out of control. Then, we dive into the patterns to gain understanding and clarity. Here’s where the healing starts to happen.

Step 3: Thrive

We work together until you say “Billie, I got this!” You’ll find yourself thriving, at home, work, school, and in your relationships. 

Helping You Discover
how far you can go

People come to me because they are tired of where they are and they have HOPE (even if it’s a teensy-tiny bit) that it can be better. People come back to me week after week because they FINALLY feel heard, they FINALLY have clarity, and they feel like they are WORTH it. People invest in therapy because it WORKS and they are THRIVING in life.

So, bring it. You can’t scare me off. You are worth being heard. Let me show you how far you can go when a safe space is created for you.


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